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Are You Having Problems at Your Workplace? Have You Been Wrongfully Terminated or Discriminated Against?

We're experienced with employment law in Los Angeles and Burbank, CA

Did an employer discriminate against you because of your age, race, gender, or disability? Did you leave a hostile work environment for your personal and mental safety? The Law Office of Jan T. Aune offers legal representation in the area of employment law. We're experienced with cases involving:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Wage disputes
  • Retaliations against whistle blowers

If you're still on the job, we'll talk to you about gathering evidence without jeopardizing your career. Call 818-238-7483 today to schedule a free initial consultation about your case in the Burbank and greater Los Angeles area.

We keep your best interests in mind

The main area of practice at the Los Angeles Law Office of Jan T. Aune is employment litigation.

We are ready to defend your rights and take proper legal action for your case. We are prepared to handle discrimination cases that involve discrimination based upon age, disability, gender, sex, race, national origin or religion. We are experienced in handling your whistleblower retaliation case. We are also prepared to handle your harassment case including workplace sexual harassment.

Wage disputes typically concern cases of misclassified salaried employees, overtime pay, break violations, pay stub violations or improper record keeping. Contact The Law Office of Jan T. Aune today to discuss your employment law case and how we can assist you.

We also handle contract negotiation and business litigation. This includes the negotiation of severance agreements, early retirement packages and employee buyout packages.

To discuss your employment issue please call our office today at 818.238.7483 or 626.461.5742 for a free and confidential consultation with an experienced and dedicated Southern California employment law attorney.